diabetes awareness day

today is #diabetes awareness day. 

it was just a total coincidence that last night I had a lil’ temper tantrum at the disease when I posted this.

but none the less…

I struggle to find the balance. I’m positive — at least, externally — as much as I can be. Internally, too. I do my best. I don’t want people thinking it’s total despair over here, but at the same time, it’s not exactly a piece of sugar-free cake either.

Isla’s amazing about it. it’s the rest of us that still shake in the wake of the diagnosis.

my therapist has been working with me on the PTSD + trying to connect the notion of diabetes as this incredible opportunity Isla + I now have to touch base hourly, connect daily + revel in the balance + chemical delicacy of life.  

she’s very right, but it’s a hard switch to flip all at once.

so, yes :) 

it’s diabetes awareness day. 

thank the skies for synthetic insulin, incredible technology + teams of medical professionals the world over working endlessly for a cure. 

thank the heavens for nearly two extra years with my daughter I nearly didn’t get to have. 

thank you to family + friends everywhere for your support both in-person + online. we continue to be humbled by your genuine lovin’ xo

+ lastly, thank the luckiest of stars for caffeine. 

[ that one’s for all o’ us. ;) ]

here are a few quick snaps from my morning… 

all photos shot with canon mk 5D III + edited in Lightroom to a 1:1 format. 

[sugar-free chocolate bars have been a saving grace post-Halloween :) ]

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