Final check of her new prescriptions. We’re one step closer to a pump, but one step “back” from before in the sense that she’ll now have a lunchtime needle as well as the rest.

What’s the etiquette on giving insulin in public? We aren’t doing the pens because they don’t work for her needs. But a syringe in a dirty public bathroom icks me out.

Is this going to be one of those things Joe Schmo gets up in arms about, much like nursing in public? What do i do? Obviously i would keep it sanitary for all involved. But what… Just tastefully go for it? I haven’t had to think about this yet?!

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  1. norlypleaseexcusethemess said: you do what you have to do! forget everyone else.
  2. tabithamsnyder said: I say go for it!! I wouldn’t be concerned for others opinions on your necessary care for your baby girl. If they don’t like it, they always have the option to leave the area.
  3. elsieandlucy said: Its slightly different because he’s an adult but my husband gives himself insulin shots in public all the time. He is just very subtle about it. If anyone notices they are usually more fascinated than anything.
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